Sunday, August 30, 2009

Impromptu Fun

The days of childhood, while seeming endless from a child's point of view, simply do not last long enough. Maybe, that's why God gave children so much energy in order for them to race from one activity to another.

My folks were not "into" lawn care, though my mother did like to have a flowering plant or two somewhere around the house. These were usually roses and hydrangeas or the jonquils of spring. But, watering the grass to keep it green was not something we did in our family.

As an adult, I've occasionally watered my lawn, though I've questioned my wisdom for doing so on more than one occasion. Still, there's something inviting about a water sprinkler. For children and the young at heart, a sprinkler in summer is an invitation to impromptu fun.

My present home has a lawn irrigation system that doesn't get a lot of use, but with my front lawn looking parched on the last Saturday of August, I turned on the sprinklers.

My two youngest grandchildren, Merilese and Katherine, came outside about the time I fired up zone 2 of the system and were captivated by the spider-action sprinklers. The gentle rotation of the streams of water proved too much for them and soon they were running with abandon through the spray.

It brought to mind the simpler days of my youth when I enjoyed spraying others and being sprayed by a water hose. However, as tempting as the sprinklers looked, this young at heart "old man" let the notion pass. I like my showers hot and soapy.

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Meal Planning with Connie said...

Kids really do have an irresistible attraction to water - in any form!!!
We enjoyed many a fun filled afternoon with water toys in our back yard when the kids were smaller.

It seems that even as teens they haven't out grown having a lot of fun getting wet! They came home just a few Wednesday nights ago totally spent from a fun and water-filled night at the McCullar's house, where the 7th graders were initiated into the youth group. They were exhausted, but exhilarated from the evening, which included swinging over the McCullar's pond and skidding down a homemade slip-'n-slide!

What fun!!

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